Ruby's page:

Hello, I'm Ruby, or officially "Someday's Ruby's A Jewel" and this is my personal web page. I'm a web master in my free time when I'm not catching rabbits, tracking a fresh scent or playing with my neighbor dogs.  I take my Dad for a walk on Saturday mornings and Sunday after church so you may see me downtown or in one of the local county parks around Georgetown.  I are 100% chOcOlate Labrador Retriever.

Ruby: Webmaster, birddog, tracker dog, guard dog, hot dog!

My baby picture - I'm 8 weeks old here.

See my fat tummy - Momma fed me well.

My Aunt Jan came to visit me over Easter week.

I have a nice big yard to play in.

After my knee surgery I had to wear a cast - no fun!

Dad caught me taking a snooze on the sofa.

I enjoys playing with my friend Barkley Lee from next door.

I thinks I'm a people sometimes.

Miss Ellie Floyd comes by sometimes to play - another neighbor.

I got my photo taken with Santa and helped raise money for homeless pets.

Dad says I'm 4 years and an adult now, but I'll always be a puppy inside!


Please - no cats on my web!



This page was last updated 09/24/13